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3 Top Tips for Putting On and Taking Off Compression Socks

Compression Stockings for Women

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Love your legs and keep them healthy by wearing compression socks! Here are 3 tips for putting on and taking off your compression stockings:

# 1 Sit in a chair with a back when putting them on

compression stockings for women

University of Michigan Health article provides tips when putting on the stockings. Not only sit in a chair to give you something to lean against, but also put them on when you have the least amount of swelling which is early in the morning.

#2 Make Sure your legs are dry 

Compression stockings for women

This article by lists multiple tips for putting on and taking off your compression stockings. One tip is to ensure you have a good grip and that your legs are dry. You can wear rubber gloves, use talcum powder to help dry moist skin, and use tools to help you take off the socks. 

#3 Stretch your stocking as wide as you can

Compression stockings for women has an article that gives tips on how to put on and take off your compression stockings. Not only should you stretch the stocking before putting them on, depending on the material of the stockings, keep your nails short and wear rubber gloves so you don’t  tear the stockings. Always prevent damage and protect the foot end of your stockings. GO Compression Stockings are 20-30mmHG medical grade with high quality material so you don't have to worry about damage. Buy Today!

Open Toe Compression Socks for Women