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Toeless Compression Socks For Women Over 40 & Active

Compression Stockings For Women Open Toe

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Compression socks increase blood circulation, helps with muscle recovery, and reduces swelling and pain. In this blog we will share ways to improve blood flow, top High Intensity Interval Training, HIIT, exercises, the importance of recovery, plus 3 advantages to wearing open toe compression socks. 

If you want to know how compression socks improve blood flow, this video below on Top 8 Ways to Improve Blood Flow To Legs and Feet explains how in number 7:  

Improve Blood Flow

HIIT Workouts And Muscle Recovery

Compression socks help with muscle recovery, reducing fatigue, soreness, swelling and pain leaving you feeling energized after a long day on your feet, traveling, or a great workout like, hiking, running, cycling, plus provides shin splint relief and plantar fasciitis relief. 

When you are performing HIIT exercises it is important to ensure muscle recovery. Here are the top HIIT exercise to burn fat, check out the video below: 

Advantages To Wearing Toeless Compression Socks For Women

GO Compression Toeless Compression Socks are 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex,  Class II 20-30 mmHG firm to medium compression strength with graduated compression. Breathable mesh design, high quality compression stocking made of durable fabric with seamless woven construction. Lightweight, strengthens the arch of the foot, excellent elasticity with fit snug and no loss of compression. 

Compression socks for women


3 Advantages:

#1 - Open Toe socks provide the same medical compression as closed toe stockings, you get the compression you need by extending past the entire ankle, heel, and over the entire arch of the foot, however leaving your toes free.

#2 - Great to wear post workout or after a long day on your feet, so you can wear your sandals or flip flops, or no shoes and leave your toes out to breathe. 

#3 - For people who need freedom of motion for their toes. If you have a large shoe size or long toes, bunions, toe sensitivities, ingrown nails, open sores, or don't want cramped toes.    

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